We have been transporting
your goods since 2003

We focus on transport of goods under
controlled temperature

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Truck Transport

We specialize in transporting goods under controlled temperature


We will provide you with safe warehousing all inclusive

Car service

We offer service for cars, commercial vehicles and trucks

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International Truck Transport

Who we are?

We are a stabile transport company operating on the market since 2003. We specialize in transporting goods under controlled temperature. A team of experienced operators takes care of the smooth running of the transport.

The average age of our vehicles and trailers is 5 years. Trained mechanics in our own car service take care of the perfect condition of the vehicles.

The company also has top quality facilities with its own gas station and warehouses.

What do we transport?

Frozen and chilled goods (freezer and refrigerated trailers)

What do we drive?

Our fleet consists of the world's leading brands such as Scania, Volvo and Mercedes.

Why to choose us?
  • 20 years of branch experience
  • We are transporting goods throughout Europe (the most common destinations are Germany, Benelux, Spain, France, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary)
  • Modern fleet of trucks
  • Monitoring of shipments from loading to unloading
  • Capacity of 33 EUR-pallets
  • Freezer and refrigerated trailers
    • Multi-temperature compartments / partition walls – frozen and chilled goods can be transported together
    • Anti-theft securitysensors
    • Temperature monitoring during the entire transport period
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The newly built premises also include warehousing areas. We also offer warehousing as an all-inclusive package, i.e. we will take care of everything for you. We are able to sort the goods delivered by you, repack them into smaller quantities and ship them subsequently. On request we can ensure for you the delivery of goods using small vans or trucks.

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Car service

Our sister company Autoservis MH specializes in the repair and maintenance of trucks.
Authorized service partner of SCHMITZ CARGOBULL for semi-trailers, trailers and refrigeration units.

+420 734 163 720 MO–FR: 8 AM – 5 PM Contact

Looking for a job?

European Truck Driver

Job description

Salary 60,000–75,000 CZK/month nett
+420 774 000 005
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Telephone (Office, Transport)
+420 385 310 579
Opening Hours MO–FR:
8 AM – 5 PM
Business Premises
Hebík Transport
Jaselská 635,
375 01 Týn nad Vltavou
Czech Republic
Billing Address
Hebík Transport s.r.o.
Neznašov 184, 373 02 Všemyslice
Czech Republic
IČO: 260 65 924
The company is registered at the Regional Court in České Budějovice in section C, file number 11762
Company Management

Martin Hebík
Executive Manager
+420 774 000 005


Petr Pechoč
Service Manager, Repairs
+420 734 163 720


Zdeněk Jindra
Transport Manager
+420 774 559 037

František Kalina
+420 731 193 277

Ljubov Radyljuk
+420 723 179 169


Jan Michálek
+420 606 612 256


Finance Department

Lenka Hebíková
Financial Manager
+420 385 340 077

Jana Kofroňová
+420 385 340 077

Marcela Bartušková
+420 385 340 077

Human Resources

Pavla Hrabánková

+420 385 340 077